2018 HOA Assessment

Homeowners are reminded that the annual KCHOA 2018 assessment – in the amount of $351 – was due April 1. The information sheet should be returned with your payment. Please mail payment and the information sheet to: KCHOA, P.O. Box 332, Herndon, VA 20172.

Alternatively, you may pay your dues with a credit card online at:

If you choose to pay with a credit card online, you will be charged $ 361.79 = $351.00 + $10.79 in credit card processing fees.

Woolf Resignation, Kollar Appointment, McDonald appointed Vice President

Kevin Woolf resigned as Vice President effective at the May meeting of the Board of Directors. He and his family are moving out of the neighborhood and will certainly be missed. The Board thanks Kevin for his years of service to the community.

The Board of Directors voted to replace Kevin's open board seat with resident Patrick Kollar. Patrick will serve the remainder of Kevin's term until 2018.

The Board of Directors voted to appoint Jack McDonald Vice President of the Association.

2016 Board Election Results

Thank you to returning Board members Joe Seeger, Deke Smith and Todd Waldrop, and new member Rosemary Buley, for agreeing to serve on the Kingston Chase Board of Directors for the new term beginning January 1, 2017 and lasting through December 31, 2019. The service of all our Board members are invaluable in keeping the HOA running smoothly, ensuring HOA annual assessments are kept low, and providing a valuable resource for accountability and improvements to the neighborhood structure and activities.

The election took place at the Annual Meeting of the Home Owners on December 12. Anyone with questions about HOA events, ARC issues, club and committee activities, or any other HOA matters of interest, should please contact one of the Board members or attend a Board meeting. The Board meets at the clubhouse on the second Monday of each month. 

Kingston Chase HOA Election for Board of Directors

Kingston Chase will hold its annual meeting of the homeowners and annual election for the Board of Directors on Monday, December 12, at 7:30 p.m. at the clubhouse located adjacent to the pool. There are four openings on the Board of Directors. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please mail your ballot to KCHOA, P.O. Box 332, Herndon, VA 20172 or give it to a trusted neighbor who plans to attend. Bios of the candidates are available in the December issued of the KCHOA Newsletter The Crier.

Renovated Clubhouse is Ready for Use

The Kingston Chase clubhouse has been renovated! A special “thank you” to the volunteer members who helped make the details come together. The Board looks forward to the clubhouse being enjoyed by the neighborhood as a community space for its residents and trusts you and your group will take extra special care to help maintain the appeal, cleanliness, and overall condition of the premises. Please avoid scuff and/or dirt and debris marks on all walls, trim, fixtures and floor. Given the new condition, the littlest things will be noticeable. Before leaving, please wipe down tables and the bathroom counter. Assure that windows are closed and locked, door deadbolts are locked, the floor is swept, lights are turned off and the heat is set back to 65° going into the fall/winter months. The latest clubhouse schedule is posted on the Kingston Chase website at www.kchoa.org/clubhouse . If you have any question, please e-mail info@kchoa.org. 

Proposed ARC Changes - Driveways and Parking Pads

A s reported in the August Crier, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has asked the
Board to vote to amend the Guidelines regarding driveway widening. Thank you to the
homeowners and the Board members who have expressed their views, both for and against. We
appreciate the time taken to discuss the issue and we made many changes to our original draft as
a result. 

We continue to feel strongly that sacrificing green space for the sake of fitting another car in the driveway is severely detrimental to Kingston Chase’s property values, especially when most of our streets have ample street parking, but we recognize homeowners’ concerns about how such a rule will affect their properties. We are not seeking to disallow any and all applications for driveway widening. As with all ARC applications, they will continue to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Nor does anyone expect homeowners to scale back a driveway widened in years past. We are proposing to adjust and clarify the Guidelines in accordance with changing times.

The following are the proposed changes exactly as they would appear in an amended ARC Guidelines. After publication in the Crier, the Board will vote on the amendment at the October meeting.

3.3 Driveways and Parking Pads
Only hard stabilized surfaces such as asphalt or concrete will be approved. No vehicle will be permitted to be parked on any part of the lawn other than temporarily for washing, loading, or unloading material. Vehicles must not be parked in driveways so that they block access around or to the sidewalk.
All driveway extensions must have ARC approval. In keeping with the aesthetics of the neighborhood, driveways may not extend beyond the edges of the garage and must taper to meet the existing sidewalk apron as seen in the example below. Aprons cannot be altered without a valid VDoT permit and proof of Fairfax County zoning approval. These documents
must be submitted along with the ARC application and do not guarantee ARC approval.


The ARC meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Kingston Chase clubhouse. Homeowners may drop by the meeting with their applications; mail them to KCHOA ARC, P.O. Box 221, Herndon, VA 20172; or e-mail them to kchoa.arc@gmail.com. 

Permit Court Cemetery Restoration

A Kingston Chase resident and Eagle Scout candidate, along with Roger Claff, researched and wrote a paper on the Orrison Family Cemetery located on Permit Court. This was in addition to coordinating a restoration project of the cemetery. Residents are encouraged to take the time to read the paper and at some point stop by and visit the cemetery.

Research Paper
The Kingston Chase Board of Directors thank Tucker for spearheading the restoration of the Orrison Family Cemetery. Indeed, the Board of Directors thank all the Eagle Scouts who, over the years, have supported numerous projects that have greatly enhanced the neighborhood.
Thank you!