Renovated Clubhouse is Ready for Use

The Kingston Chase clubhouse has been renovated! A special “thank you” to the volunteer members who helped make the details come together. The Board looks forward to the clubhouse being enjoyed by the neighborhood as a community space for its residents and trusts you and your group will take extra special care to help maintain the appeal, cleanliness, and overall condition of the premises. Please avoid scuff and/or dirt and debris marks on all walls, trim, fixtures and floor. Given the new condition, the littlest things will be noticeable. Before leaving, please wipe down tables and the bathroom counter. Assure that windows are closed and locked, door deadbolts are locked, the floor is swept, lights are turned off and the heat is set back to 65° going into the fall/winter months. The latest clubhouse schedule is posted on the Kingston Chase website at . If you have any question, please e-mail