Architectural Review Committee

Kingston Chase homeowners enjoy excellent property values and an attractive community in part because of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC, composed of volunteer neighbors, strives to ensure that our HOA Guidelines are adhered to and that homes meet the community standards of appearance and maintenance. All exterior improvements and changes, such as the addition of a new fence or shed, or a change in the roof or siding color, must be approved by the ARC before work can commence. ARC applications are approved on the first Tuesday of every month at the ARC meeting. Homeowners should become familiar with the ARC Guidelines and approval process. Please use the links below for this additional information.
The ARC is also tasked to perform an annual spring walk-through inspection to note homeowner compliance with the ARC Guidelines. Upon notice of an infraction, the ARC will send a letter to the homeowner requesting correction and will work with the homeowner to see infractions fixed within a reasonable timeframe. To review the Guidelines or to print the application form, please refer to the following links:

Email completed applications to:

Mail completed applications to:


P.O. 332

Herndon, VA 20172


You may also present them in person at the monthly meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Kingston Chase clubhouse adjacent to the pool.


To contact the ARC, please send an e-mail to


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a copy of my house location plat?
If you do not have a copy of your house location plat, review your residential loan closing documents to see if one is included there. You may also obtain a copy by calling the Fairfax County Zoning Permit Review Branch at 703-222-1082, (TTY 711*) or by visiting their office on the 2nd floor of the Herrity Building. *Please note:* not all plats are available. If the county does not have a copy of your house location plat, contact the lending institution from which the mortgage was obtained.
Do I need to submit an application for ______?
Any change to the exterior of the house warrants an application. The only exception is landscaping. Planting or removing trees, shrubbery, or flowers is at the owner's discretion. Lawn ornaments over two feet tall and new exterior lights, however, need to go through the application process.


Can I widen/change my driveway?
Extending or widening a driveway is considered on a case by case basis, as widening a driveway can negatively affect drainage on both the homeowner's and neighbor's properties, among other issues. The entrance of the driveway, or "apron" cannot be altered. Like our sidewalks, it is county property and regulated under VDOT guidelines. This includes the strip of grass between the curb and sidewalk. Driveways in Kingston Chase may only be constructed from the hard surfaces of concrete or asphalt. Bricks, pavers, and gravel will not be approved as driveway (or extension) surfaces.


Does Kingston Chase provide any leaf removal service?
Kingston Chase does not offer leaf removal services, so homeowners are reminded that leaf piles may not be left loose in the street or sidewalk. Leaves must be bagged and picked up according to each homeowners' trash removal service contract. Lawn clippings must also be bagged or mulched back into the lawn and not blown into the sidewalk or street.


How does Kingston Chase handle significant snowfall?
The roads throughout Kingston Chase are plowed by the Virginia Department of Transportation, which operates on its own schedule for treating roads and removing snow. This service is funded by Fairfax County taxes and is not the responsibility of the Kingston Chase HOA (no portion of homeowner dues goes toward street plowing). After plows go through, please take care not to shovel snow back into the street when clearing off street-parked cars.

The Kingston Chase parking lots at the pool and tennis courts are cleared within 3 to 5 days of snowfall by neighborhood residents. Pipe stems and sidewalks, however, are each homeowner’s responsibility to keep clear of snow and ice. Keeping sidewalks clear is critical to both the safety and convenience of dog walkers, joggers, and children and families walking or biking to school. Please remember when clearing driveways to also clear the sidewalk to each end of the property line. Clearing front access to the mailbox is also the homeowner’s responsibility.


Who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance?
The structure of our sidewalks is county property, and cracked or broken concrete should be reported to the county by calling 703-877-2800. However, maintenance of all edges and seams are the homeowner's responsibility. If plant growth is appearing in sidewalk seams or cracks in front of your property, please remove it promptly to continue to keep the neighborhood safe and clean. These unexpected grassy humps trip walkers, joggers, and tricycle riders as well as cause structural problems when the roots spread under the concrete.

The strip of grass between the sidewalk and street (where mailboxes enter the ground) is also each homeowner's responsibility to keep mowed and edged. Any landscaping around the mailbox should be kept neat and should not protrude into the sidewalk, over the curb, or obstruct the front of the mailbox in any way.


Where should I report a street light outage?
Street lights are maintained by Dominion Virginia Power (or VDoT if at a major intersection). Contact Dominion at 1-866-DOM-HELP to report an outage. Dominion will send a crew to diagnose the problem, mark the light with a color-coded band, and then dispatch a different crew to fix it at a later date.


What can I do about barking dogs/pet waste left on my property?
Barking dogs become a problem when they bark or howl for more than an hour at a time or frequently between the hours of 10pm and 6am. County police suggest that the first course of action is to call their non-emergency number: 703-691-2131. An officer will be dispatched to be sure the dog is not being neglected or mistreated. Barking dogs can also be reported to Fairfax County online via the Community Complain Form at A name and contact number must be left for the county official, but the complaint will be kept anonymous.

Leaving behind pet waste -- even in neighborhood common areas -- violates Fairfax County's Pooper Scooper law and the dog owner is subject to up to $250 in fines. Report offenders to the non-emergency police number, 703-691-2131, or fill out a community complaint form at


I love the ARC! How can I volunteer my time to keep it awesome?
I hate the ARC! How can I volunteer my time to make it better?

The ARC can always use new volunteers, either to meet regularly to review applications or donate an hour or two once a year during walk throughs. For more information, come to an ARC meeting at the clubhouse on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. or send an e-mail to
Yard Debris
The ARC wishes to remind homeowners that the waste management companies that service Kingston Chase DO NOT collect tree clippings or other assorted brush unless it is cut and bagged or bundled. In numerous instances in past summers, brush piles have been left curbside for weeks without being picked up by either Waste Management or AAA and without being tended to by the homeowner. Please be conscientious to bag or bundle your yard waste for a timely pickup by the garbage collection companies.


Trash Cans / Recycling Bins

Please follow the policy of placing trash items curbside the night before or morning of expected pick-up and return them as soon as items have been removed. Remember that trash containers and recycling bins must be stored out of sight of the street, either inside a garage or well-behind or well-concealed from the front of the home.